Walk-it Willow (The Clever Tykes Books)

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Cho loves running and eating healthily and wants to spread her enthusiasm with her school friends. However, not everyone is receptive of her ideas! It was through our experiences and research that we realised we could inspire children through storybooks and story-bound role models, so we set about creating them. The majority is determined by our positivity, social support and being able to see stress as a challenge rather than a threat.

Enterprise education embodies all of this and we want to make sure that children believe in themselves and excel academically and in whichever career path they choose. The UK needs exciting young innovators and entrepreneurs to drive the economy forward and become the employers of tomorrow.

As a society, we must demonstrate to young people that a challenging and rewarding career can be as an entrepreneur in a private venture, social enterprise or charity. We need to promote the right role models for our children to emulate. We are, by no means, trying to create an influx of child entrepreneurs.

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Rather, we are gently introducing the idea of self-employment to children so that it becomes a realistic option for them when deciding what they want to do later in life. In recent years it has been more widely recognised that we need to enable children to develop growth mindsets at an earlier age. To motivate them to keep trying in the face of adversity, and to enable them to manage their own emotions. There are a number of products available on the market some better than others.

The Clever Tykes Books are a great example of how to do this will. Each book inspires children to be resourceful and enterprising through characters that are engaging and likeable.

Walk-it Willow by Clever Tykes (Paperback, 2015)

E 10 and T 8 found the books very enjoyable to read and they sat and read them alone. As H has Autism I sat with him on seperate evenings to read the books. Reading the books I liked how the pages were formatted. The font chosen was easy to read and none of the pages were overloaded with text. T is really keen to read books with chapters so that appealed to him and gave him spaces where he could break off from reading.

We all liked the illustrations from Sam Moore, for H especially it gave us something to chat about on the page.

Competition - Win a Set of Children's Clever Tykes Books

Both myself and my partner are self-employed and work from home. The books gave us an extra tool we could use to explain why we chose to be entrepreneurs.

Printable Walk-it Willow activity pack

We try to teach the kids where possible by modelling the behaviours we would like them to display and Willow, Cody and Cho are fantastic role models. Each story shows them facing a problem or difficulty and finding an enterprising solution.

The stories were also based around themes that the children could relate to such as animals, healthy eating and computers. A few weeks after reading the books I am continuing to see subtle changes in their thinking. Less frustration when something goes wrong. Of course we still have plenty of tears and stomps too, but they are still growing and developing.

I personally feel that these are books that should be on every school libraries shelf. The best stamp of approval for The Clever Tykes series is that I have seen each of the kids reading or looking at the books a few times since they initially experienced them.

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She is then given advice from a friendly neighbour. Little Sister Kisses has an entrepreneurial streak and has been keen for several years now to run and own her own business so I think that she found this quite inspirational and got her thinking just how much is involved in being your own boss. Change- it Cho. This is the story of healthy eating Cho who tries to teach her junk food loving friends how to eat healthier.

This story had two life lessons.

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Out of the three stories I think this was Big Sister Kisses favourite one, she liked how Cho was teaching everyone to be healthy. Code-it Cody. A truly C21st reading book for kids but actually there is another level to this book which Big Sister Kisses did a very good job of picking up on perhaps because she is a very sensitive young thing or perhaps because her sister has Triple X Syndrome the fact that Cody is deaf and wears hearing aids.

We had a long chat about how this has changed is life and how it is important to be friends and caring for those with unique qualities like Cody. It was also a nice introduction to a secondary school chat and how ICT is a separate subject in secondary schools and now many schools offer coding as part of that. Ok, so in the end everyone enjoyed the reads.